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FASQs (Frequently Asked Sewer & Water Questions)

Here are the questions we usually get asked about sewer & water repair and sewer & water replacement here at Cary’s Trenching. And, this is in the order of how many times we get asked them and the most recent questions. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

We absolutely replace lead waterlines – any time of the year we can do it. We know this is an issue right now for many folks—and yes, we can help you. Just give us a call and we will get you an estimate and set a date. We also replace other waterlines that are not lead.

It depends on the job. Every yard is different. We like to take a look at your property before we estimate. We are very easy to get a hold of and we make sure you get your estimate fast, because we know a broken sewer is stressful for customers. Our estimates are always FREE

We can usually come out the next day and sometimes the day you call. When you call us you’re getting a direct line to the owners who do the work. We listen to our messages religiously and will call you back as soon as we’re available.

Absolutely we do emergency sewer and waterline work all year round winter, summer, spring and fall for Regina and southern Saskatchewan homes, commercial properties, farms, acreages and municipalities. We know a broken sewer or waterline is not fun, so we’re there for you. Please note that for safety reasons we won’t work at night.

Great question! A residential sewer line or a waterline is usually one day. A condo or property management situation is usually one day. A commercial sewer repair ore waterline repair can be a longer job, we will let you know with our estimate how long we need, but we’ve been doing this since 1996 and are pretty good at knowing how long a job will take.

Yes, in most if not all you would be covered—call your insurance broker. Our work is covered and recognized by all major insurance companies.

Yes! We do sewer replacement repair, waterline repairs on farms, municipalities, acreages, residential, condos and commercial properties too.

We take pride on how we do a sewer & waterline repair job and how we leave it. We fill the hole up and clean up your yard to the best of our abilities. We focus on bare minimum site disturbance. We suggest leaving the yard to settle for a while before you landscape again; performing surgery on the earth takes time to heal.

Trenchless sewer replacement is still trenching. Instead of digging a trench the length of the sewer, we dig smaller deeper holes, brace them, and pull the old pipe out and place the new one. It’s not always possible to do depending on the soil and the property. It costs more than the traditional way, but limits the mess and clean up to your yard. And yes, we do trenchless sewer replacement.

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