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Sewer & Water Services in Regina and Surrounding Area

In the past 40 years, Cary’s Trenching & Trucking Ltd. has achieved a prominent position in the construction industry in Regina and southern Saskatchewan, specializing in water and sewer services. We are committed to upholding our reputation and taking great care of our clients. We treat your property and project like it’s our own. Check out our services below.

  • Has your sewer line collapsed?
  • Has your sewer backed up in your basement?
  • Does it smell like sewer in your house?
  • Have you got low water pressure?
  • Is water getting into your basement?
  • Do you need your water lines repaired or replaced?
  • Do you have lead pipe between your house and the city’s pipe?

Residential - Water & Sewer – Replacement & Repair – Emergency & Routine

Cary’s Trenching & Trucking Ltd. will come out to your home, assess the situation and offer a solution. We are proud to be a City of Regina Approved Contractor. We have the expertise to effectively, efficiently and safely repair or replace your water and/or sewer lines. We will work quickly, while following city mandates and health regulations, and won’t leave until things are flowing smoothly again. Call us for a free estimate.

Back flow valve basic with Chris and Marny on location at a residential sewer line replacement in Regina.

We “DIG” your business!

Commercial-Water & Sewer Specialists

Our commercial clients include condominium associations, property management companies, realtors, commercial property owners, developers, First Nations Communities, Crown Corporations and more.

Our services:

  • Water Main Valve Replacement, Relocation
  • Water and Sewer Connections from Main Lines to Property Line
  • Sewer Line Replacement, Relocation & Repair
  • Waterline Replacement, Relocation & Repair
  • Parking Lot Drainage
  • Emergency Work


Municipal Water & Sewer Services

Cary’s Trenching & Trucking Ltd. offers municipal water and sewer infrastructure upgrades and new installations. Our qualified and experienced team operates in synchronicity to efficiently keep your municipal water and wastewater safe. We also offer services to provide water and sewer connections from main lines to property line.

We offer services to Replace, Repair and Relocate:

  • Water Main Valves
  • Waterlines – Domestic and Main
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Storm Manholes
  • Storm Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Curb Stops
  • Catch Basins
  • Catch Basin Leads
  • Emergency Work

Septic & Cistern Installation

We install complete septic systems from start to finish. This includes securing permits, excavating for your septic tank and leach field and coordinating your inspections. We also install water well, cistern and in-house pumps and pump controls.

We stay up to date with the requirements of the local health regions and comply with their mandates. If you are moving to the country and require a water and sewer system, we will help you choose the system that will work best for you and at the same time, comply with local health regulations. We’ll organize permitting and inspections as required. Choose our services for your sewer and water line installations, replacements and repairs.

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